Policy report

The Mayor’s Housing Taskforce, an independent, cross sectoral group, was set up in October 2016 by the Wellington Mayor and Deputy Mayor to ensure critical experience and expertise was utilised to address one of the key strategic issues facing the city.

The Housing Taskforce was established a to use the expert knowledge of the building industry, social services, public health sector, central government, and the property industry to address issues from across the whole housing continuum.

Vision and Goals

The primary goal of the Taskforce is to recommend strategic approaches and specific projects to realise a city vision of “All Wellingtonians Well Housed”. With an aim of building resilient communities through providing a full range of housing affordability and availability opportunities, the Taskforce was asked to recommend solutions and build consensus around issues including:

  • Providing targeted solutions to address all forms of homelessness in the city.
  • Rental affordability issues, including security of tenure issues.
  • Housing affordability schemes for first time buyers and key worker groups.
  • Affordability issues for existing owners in the face of resilience, earthquake prone, leaky building and other maintenance issues.
  • The future provision of the city’s social housing.
  • Housing density and planning.
  • Examining housing quality and resilience issues, including the trial of a warrant of fitness applied to rental housing.
  • How initiatives will be implemented and actioned.

Draft Taskforce Recommendations

Recommendations focus on those areas where Council, Iwi Partners, Central Government and the broader housing sector across the city can affect the greatest level of change and are set out to reflect the full range of housing issues facing the city:

  1. Leadership, Advocacy and Government Relationships
  2. Addressing Homelessness
  3. Social Housing
  4. Housing Affordability – both rental and ownership
  5. Housing Regulation
  6. Housing Quality and Resilience
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