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In 2013, New Zealand and the European Union co-hosted the Pacific Energy Summit to fast-track sustainable energy development in the Pacific. It resulted in funding commitments of more than $635 million for a range of innovative renewable energy projects, and showed that donors and the private sector were prepared to back the ambition and leadership shown by Pacific governments. Three years on and the change across the region has been marked. Whole atolls are now 100 per cent renewable, many more people have access to clean and reliable power, the amount of diesel imported for electricity generation has fallen dramatically, and Pacific countries can now better manage the impacts of climate change. The Pacific is home to some of the countries most at risk from the effects of climate change. It is now also home to countries that are leading the world in reducing their fossil fuel consumption and shifting to renewable sources of electricity generation. We also acknowledge the huge contribution of donors and development partners in supporting Pacific governments to achieve progress and following through on the commitments made at the Summit. Enormous opportunities still exist across the region. This publication presents the energy profiles of 18 Pacific countries and territories. It summarises their progress since the 2013 Summit and identifies new opportunities for investment. We have seen what can be achieved when we work together and our challenge now is to maintain this momentum for the good of the people of the Pacific.

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