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20 Oct 2009

This paper assesses recent patterns in intergenerational social mobility across OECD countries and examines the role that public policies can play in facilitating mobility.

It shows that the relationship between parental or socio-economic background and offspring’s educational and wage outcomes is positive and significant...


21 Sep 2009

This paper focuses on inequalities in learning opportunities for individuals coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds as a measure of (in)equality of opportunity in OECD countries and looks at the role played by policies and institutions in shaping countries’ relative positions.

Based on harmonised 15-year...


25 Mar 2008

This working paper investigates the policy determinants of hours worked among employed individuals in OECD countries, focusing on the impact of taxation, working-time regulations, and other labour and product market policies. It explores the factors underlying cross-country differences in hours worked — in line with...

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