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Dr Bruce Bradbury is a Senior Research Fellow at the SPRC. He is an economist and statistician with over 20 years of experience analysing social policies and programs. His research interests include the measurement of living standards, child poverty, income support and labour market policies, consumer equivalence scales, and geographic dimensions of social policies. He has extensive experience in the analysis of large survey and administrative databases and in the management of quantitative research projects. He has published in prominent journals such as Economica, The Review of Income and Wealth, The Economic Record, Journal of Sociology and Fiscal Studies. He is a member of the academic advisory committees for both the HILDA and LSAC surveys – two of the largest social data collections in Australia.

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16 Oct 2018

The numbers in this report demonstrate the role played by public policy - especially social security, but also housing and employment policies - in increasing or reducing poverty. The evidence shows that through social security, housing and employment policies, as a nation, we choose the...


15 Dec 2010

This paper looks at patterns of own-home wealth across the life cycle in Australia and in several North American and Western European countries and finds that Australia is out of step with comparable countries.

In the mid-1990s, the Australian elderly had the lowest relative...


22 Jul 2009

This paper examines the potential of home ownership to protect households from poverty after retirement by examining its role in maintaining living standards and preventing poverty among older Australians.

Incomes and housing costs are compared between Australia and six other nations (Canada, UK, USA,...


23 Mar 2008

Despite the well-known limitations of statistical measurement, there is still a vital need to document the extent of overall poverty and its incidence among different groups in Australia. Without such evidence, it is impossible to establish how successful social and economic policies have been in...


3 Aug 2006

Young mothers, and by extension their children, are one of the most socio-economically disadvantaged groups in Australian society. Around 9 in 10 teenage mothers are receiving income support payments, and they go on to have much lower family incomes in middle age. Are these patterns...

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