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Briefing paper

22 Jun 2018

This discussion paper is to inform a new City of Melbourne Transport Strategy to 2050. A draft strategy will be released for consultation in 2018.

Conference paper

The legacy of 'local option' controls on alcohol in Melbourne
18 Jun 2018

When Melbourne’s two ‘dry zones’ had compulsory ballots for restaurant and café liquor licences removed in 2015, news accounts surmised that “a hangover from the anti-alcohol movement of the 1920s had finally been relegated to the history books”. Yet the dry zones are chapters in...

Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

Through Australia’s history, private developers have introduced restrictive covenants to property titles. Typical private covenants stipulate building materials, limit dwelling numbers, and prohibit particular land uses or the sale of alcohol. Covenants, like zoning, have tended to “put the single-family, owner-occupied home at the pinnacle...


15 Jul 2016

This research was developed in partnership between the Department of Health and Human Services, University of Melbourne and representatives of government, health and settlement services to build evidence about recent humanitarian arrivals across northern and western metropolitan Melbourne.

In many health planning and related...

Conference paper

Locating the planning history of fast food chains
29 Jun 2016

The rise of the ‘fast food’ concept as it is understood in the 21st century is the result of a series of calibrations enacted over decades by business, society and technology. The expansion of fast food franchising has paralleled social and environmental change, particularly since...

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