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1 Aug 2018

Drawing on the experiences and knowledge of almost 300 managers in four public sector jurisdictions, this report examines the role that middle managers play in operationalising gender equity-focused policies and provides suggested actions to drive best practice.


Report 1 of the Australian Women's Working Futures Project
6 Mar 2018

New research carried out by the Women, Work and Leadership research group, at the University of Sydney, shows Australian women rank attaining respect in the workplace as highly as overall job security.


31 Jul 2017

As a growing body of research demonstrates, gender inequality is a defining feature of work and careers in the creative industries. Data from around the world shows that simply by virtue of their gender, women experience a marked disadvantage in key creative and leadership roles...


5 Oct 2016

This report shows that Australia has caught up to - and on some measures surpassed - the United States in female labour force participation and in relation to women's representation in senior and strategic organisational roles. The report offers a unique snapshot into the working...


22 May 2008

For many observers, Margaret Thatcher's industrial relations policy was the apotheosis of state anti-unionism. So why did the British labour movement, apparently so well-organised and robust, succumb so quickly and comprehensively to the efforts of Thatcher and her successors? And how might solving this puzzle...

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