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28 Nov 2014

On 3 August 2007, Peter Connelly died of injuries sustained at his family home in London aged just seventeen months. In the aftermath of Peter’s death, politicians rode high on outrage and Rebekah Brooks, the then editor of The Sun newspaper, led what she termed...


5 Jul 2010

Between 2001 and 2006, significant population growth occurred along the eastern seaboard states of Australia. A substantial proportion of this growth occurred outside capital cities, particularly on the urban fringes of large cities, coastal areas and the areas around mining towns.

This study focuses...


29 Jan 2010

This report analyses the national curriculum and workforce needs of the social work and human services workforce.

Australia’s community and health services are among the fastest growing sectors of employment in the nation but the sustainability of an appropriately qualified workforce is threatened....


7 Feb 2008

How can organisations like The Benevolent Society increase social capital in the communities in which we work? How can we work with government and business to create better communities? This report looks at what makes communities caring and inclusive, and the role that all institutions,...


24 Feb 2006

In nursing homes, child care centres, migrant welfare services, group homes for people with disabilities, and elsewhere around Australia, workers are employed to help other people meet their daily needs. These employees perform paid 'care work' in Australia’s community service industries. Gabrielle Meagher and Karen...

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