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3 Sep 2009

This paper suggests that 'We must recognise the failure of the "organised crime laws" to win the "war on organised crime".'

Offences designed to penalise criminal organisations constitute the most recent and perhaps most ambitious strategy to fight organised crime. The common feature of...


24 Apr 2008

The illegal trade in timber and timber products leads to economic losses in many countries as well as environmental degradation. International policy exists to curtail some of the trade, but there are still clandestine operations by large organisations and criminal networks. This report...


31 Jan 2008

Oceania, most notably Australia and New Zealand, has emerged as the region with the highest rate of consumption of amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS), including ecstasy, a disproportionately large share in relation to the population in the area. The illicit ATS trade in Oceania is of great...

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