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An initiative of the Meeting of Cultural Ministers | 2019
28 Feb 2019

Almost 700 people and organisations participated in the first phase of the consultation to renew the National Arts and Disability Strategy. This report discusses the key results from the consultation and will be used to inform the next strategy.

Discussion paper

An initiative of the Meeting of Cultural Ministers
24 Sep 2018

This discussion paper asks questions about how people with disability practise as professional artists, express themselves through creative participation, and connect with the arts as audience members, and was used to guide the Australian Government's disability strategy.



22 Sep 2017

This evaluation report argues that there is a need to refresh the National Arts and Disability Strategy, to reflect the impact of and opportunities presented by the NDIS.


12 Oct 2009

This strategy sets out a vision for improving access and participation in the artistic and cultural activities for people with disabilities.


16 Mar 2009

Since the release of the Building a Creative Innovation Economy report in February 2008 jurisdictions have indicated that overall priorities identified in the original report remain:

Improving access to culture in the digital environment Increasing production of creative digital content Developing skills for artists...

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