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Ministers evaluate the implementation of the strategy every three years, in consultation with the arts and disability sector. The second evaluation covers the period from 2013–15.

This evaluation report is the culmination of eighteen months' work by all Australian, state and territory governments to review the implementation and effectiveness of the strategy. The report concludes that progress continues to be made against the strategy. It also identifies significant changes to the arts and disability sector since the release of the strategy in 2009.

The new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is perhaps the most significant change to the arts and disability environment since the last evaluation of the Strategy. During the 2013–15 evaluation period, the NDIS began to be incrementally rolled out across Australia. This evaluation report does not directly address the introduction nor the full impact of the NDIS, however it is clear from stakeholder feedback that there is need to refresh the Strategy to reflect the impact of and opportunities presented by the NDIS.

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