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8 Dec 2005

They report that those young people most likely to miss out on vocational education and training include those with disabilities, young people still living at home, children from single-parent families and those families with a history of parental unemployment. Gillian Considine, Ian Watson, Richard Hall...

Working paper

24 Jun 2003

This report aims to provide insight into the industrial agreement-making process in Australian businesses. The analysis is based on data drawn from the ABL Workplace Agreements Survey 2001. The survey collected data on the expectations associated with agreement making, the operation of agreements, the level...

Discussion paper

10 Jul 2002

In You Value What You Pay For: Enhancing Employers' Contributions to Skill Formation and Use , a new discussion paper prepared for the Dusseldorp Skills Forum, Richard Hall, John Buchanan and Gillian Considine examine Australia's record of funding education, knowledge and training in the era...

Working paper

3 Jun 2002

The labour hire industry likes to portray its business as the provision of flexible labour to help employers cope with fluctuations in demand, a short term need for specialist skills, or the covering of staff absences. But according to Richard Hall the reality is that...

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