Spaces between: a personal exploration of the VĀ

Tongan people Arts Youth Tonga
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This project is a personal exploration of cultural values in relation to traditional and westernised influences, as they are received by young Pacific people. This project employs practice – based approaches, using video performance and audio.

This is to negotiate positions from which to engage with the world, including emotional, cultural gender and emerging standpoints. In this respect the project explores the forces that impinge on how such standpoints might emerge, and how they might unfold over time.

This space is not a void or an empty space but a space where things meet; where ideals relate. The Tongan term for this space between is ‘Va – Vā, Va’a, Vaha’; Va oe Kau Tonga, which translates to “The relations between Tongans/Tonga” or as I see it the differences between; a buoyance of differences, rising above, emerging and merging.

The project brings together different questions and ideas to form an orchestra of difference that performs the work of art

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