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25 Aug 2011

Kemran Mestan reviews A Decent Provision: Australian Welfare 1870-1940 for APO


The term ‘nation building’ is not used in Murphy’s history of the Australian welfare state up to 1940, but this is one of its major concerns nevertheless. A nation is not...


6 Feb 2010

The federal government's new quarantining rules won't solve the problem they're designed to address, argues Kemran Mestan{C}

LIZ is twenty-two. The mother of a six-month old baby, she is neither studying nor working, and she receives the parenting payment (single) from Centrelink. Because Liz...


4 Oct 2007

Getting the long-term jobless into mainstream employment is a major challenge for Australian governments, especially in areas of concentrated disadvantage. The Brotherhood’s approach, also used effectively overseas, is to use an 'intermediate labour market' (ILM) as a bridge between long-term unemployment and the mainstream labour...


18 Jul 2007

Boroondara is one of Melbourne's wealthiest municipalities, yet some 12% of children are living in poverty. Due to wide affluence and great income inequality in Boroondara, child social exclusion has particular characteristics in comparison to other areas where poverty is concentrated, according to from the...


20 Apr 2007

This second report from a Brotherhood of St Laurence study commissioned by Camcare, the Rotary Club of Hawthorn and Foundation Boroondara explores child poverty and related service needs in Boroondara, a generally affluent municipality in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, informed by local welfare agencies and some...

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