Second Ave is an Adult fiction novel set during a decade in the surly 1970s in a grunty little neighbourhood in Auckland. Dad reckons he’s living in paradise cause he’s moved the family to Second Ave where the Tip Top Bread Factory and the Kiwi Bacon are on his doorstep and the TAB is a heart- beat away. 10 year-old Ella is stuck playing second ‘mama’ to her siblings and heaven is anywhere beyond her letterbox. This is her story and her prayer to God to cut the cord that binds her to all creatures great and small at Second Ave.Second Ave is a childhood memoir that focuses on my sister Ella growing up fast in the 1970s and coming to terms with the transient nature of transitioning from child to teen-ager. It’s about the experiences of second-generation Pacific Island sisters being raised by Samoan migrants in the land of Milk and Honey.The exegesis will look at the journey of the sisters in negotiating the sacred space of relationships and explore the complexities of these connections through a unique cultural prism.

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