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7 Aug 2014

MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: Around Australia today thousands of parents are struggling with how to combine work and family life and they're doing the sums on skyrocketing childcare costs.

Last month the Productivity Commission released its draft report into the childcare system and today it begins...


3 Jun 2010

The Victorian Government will adopt the Proust Model for public sector integrity – including the establishment of a Victorian Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission (VIACC) – as the next step in greater accountability in Government. The Public Sector Standards Commissioner was asked to consider whether any...


9 Dec 2008

This report recommends that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship focus on building and maintaining a high performance culture now that most of the recommendations of the Palmer, Comrie and Ombudsman reports have been implemented.

The report was commissioned by the department to assess...


10 Jul 2008

Elizabeth Proust was commissioned earlier this year to examine the extent to which the minister should make personal decisions and whether alternative arrangements could be pursued. She makes six recommendations focusing on immediate steps to manage the current processes as well as identifying possible changes...


26 Apr 2007

The essential features of the current Defence organisation were established over 30 years ago in peacetime.

Today, in a period of high operational activity, this report finds an organisation struggling to deliver administratively when its main focus is on supporting military operations in nine...

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