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Civil society and political accountability in Samoa

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The year 1994 was a particularly interesting one in Samoan politics. Samoan politics is never short on controversy: corruption, allegations of corruption, inefficient government spending, and the odd challenge to a fistfight between MPs are not uncommon. However, 1994 seemed an even more special year in so far as these kinds of activities are concerned. It was the year that the Samoan Auditor General tabled a report in parliament that documented widespread corruption in the public sector. It implicated members of the government who were as highly ranked as Cabinet ministers. It was also the year that a nation-wide protest, led by a traditional group known as Tumua and Pule, was launched against the government. The protest had as two of its objectives the official recognition of the Auditor General’s report, and for the government to hold those indicted by the report accountable.

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