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15 Feb 2010

It is not a new observation that Indigenous people in Australia experience violence at a higher rate than the general population. The impact of violence on Indigenous people and their communities has been widely documented by government and non-government inquiries, reports and commentaries. As...


4 Mar 2009

The probability that a young person will have exposure to pornography prior to the age of 18 - the legal age in Australia at which it is permissible to view and purchase such materials - is very high. Parents and policy makers are...


27 Sep 2008

The paper describes sources of data on victimisation, noting the gaps in data on Indigenous status and victimisation types, and arriving at trends in Indigenous violent victimisation. It identifies factors that act individually or collectively to increase victimisation, and makes some recommendations about addressing these...


18 Mar 2008

This paper represents the first concerted effort to document the number, size and distribution of potentially illegal fires lit in vegetation in Australia. It is based on vegetation fire data supplied by a large number of fire agencies across the country. It is technical in...

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