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23 Mar 2012


Demography and politics

The population of Australia was estimated at 22.8 million in February 2012, making it the 51st most populous country in the world. With a settlement pattern dominated by six major cities, Australia is one of the most...

Journal article

3 Jun 2009

For economists, the main test of a microeconomic policy change is its effect on efficiency: gains minus losses, equally weighted. However, it is standard economics that individuals value losses more than gains. Moreover, imposing large, uncompensated and uninsurable policy-induced losses would be widely regarded as...


19 Mar 2008

The Australian federal system must be judged as one of the most successful in modern history, argues Jonathan Pincus. In this paper he argues that a key to its success is the evolution of Australian federal arrangements in response to changing circumstances. Federalism can continue...

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