ICV guidelines for Muslim community-university research partnerships

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The huge growth in Muslims countering violent extremism (CVE) can sometimes come at the expense of other issues which our community tell us are more important. Our community, especially young people, have told us that they are feeling very over-consulted and they don’t see any improvement in their community well-being. The Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) also recognise that there is not enough evidence or data to advocate to improve social services to Muslim families.

The ICV spoke to leading Australian researchers in the field and also accessed best practice from Yale University in the US. We hope these guidelines will lead to more rigorous ‘Muslim research’, more culturally competent researchers and real benefits flowing to Muslim Victorians.

The principles and practices described here are intended to educate, inform and facilitate respectful, collaborative and beneficial research relationships between the Victorian Muslim Community and the wider university research community. It is also a statement of principles to guide these relationships towards an ideal. It is not a formal policy.

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