Equal opportunity review: options paper

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The release of the Equal Opportunity Review Options Paper marks the start of the second and final round of consultation on the Equal Opportunity Review.

A final report to the Attorney-General will be submitted in June 2008. This final report will take into consideration submissions received in response to the discussion paper (released in November 2007) and the options paper.

The options paper summarises the options being considered by the Review in relation to the following key issues:

* is there a need to change the law?
* a new framework for recognising and addressing discrimination
* mechanisms for the elimination of discrimination
* dispute resolution
* the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission governance.

The options outlined in the options paper are not final recommendations. They are designed to indicate some options and the possible direction final recommendations may take. Several issues were raised in the discussion paper but do not receive further consideration in the options paper although they may be addressed in the Final Report.

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