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The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) monitors compliance with safety and reliability obligations placed on electricity network operators in NSW. We also monitor compliance with licence conditions for gas and electricity networks.

IPART has reviewed its approach to assessing compliance with the reliability standard for electricity transmission in NSW. In November 2016, we made recommendations to the Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy setting out a new reliability standard for the Transmission Network Service Provider (TNSP) – TransGrid. On 1 June 2017, the Minister adopted our recommended reliability standard. 

The reliability standard requires TransGrid to ensure that the transmission system is designed such that, for each bulk supply point (BSP), the system: 

  • achieves the required level of redundancy (ie, it specifies the number of back-up arrangements that must be in place to support continued supply of electricity in the event that part of the transmission network fails), and 
  • does not exceed the specified allowance for expected unserved energy (EUE) (ie, an expected amount of energy that cannot be supplied, taking into account the probability of supply outages attributable, expected outage duration, and forecast load).
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