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19 Feb 2019

The principles of free market, liberal, democratic capitalism are under assault, argues Emeritus Professor Wolfgang Kasper in this essay.


22 Oct 2010

Reestablishing local hospital boards is wrongly described as a quick fix for the problems in the Australian public hospital system. The trilogy of essays in this collection describes the negative impact the bureaucratisation of the system has had on staff and patients in the last...


12 Feb 2009

NSW public hospitals are plagued by massive systemic failures, as diagnosed in the Garling report . At the same time, hospital costs are blowing out, and may yet bankrupt the NSW budget despite a massive federal bailout under the COAG agreement. The situation requires dramatic...


25 Jan 2006

Wolfgang Kasper analyses the results of the latest international survey of corruption, arguing that ‘corruption is a blight on social stability and economic growth. The abuse of political power for private benefit is profoundly unjust to those who are honest or poor.’


18 Mar 2003

Economic Freedom Watch is a regularly updated index of economic freedom in Australia. In the latest issue: The public mood favours a return to collectivism and Australia's economic liberalisation has slowed to snail's pace. The author argues that our greatest asset -- the adaptive capacity...

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