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1 Jun 2010

What is the link between young people’s sense (locus) of control over their lives and their investments in education, asks this paper.

The authors find that young people with a more internal locus of control have a higher probability of finishing secondary school and,...


16 Feb 2009

This paper considers the potential for the cultural transmission of attitudes toward work, welfare, and individual responsibility to explain the intergenerational correlation in welfare receipt. Specifically, we investigate whether 18-year olds’ views about social benefits and the drivers of social inequality depend on their families’...


16 Jan 2009

Using unique information for a cohort of Australian youth, this paper explores the association between youths' perception of control (i.e. locus of control) and three educational outcomes: (i) Year 12 completion, (ii) whether youth obtained an Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank (ENTER) score, and (iii)...

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