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16 Feb 2009

All too often, the rights of aged pensioners are overlooked in what is sometimes a callous and cynical political game.

For the residential care system - high and low intensity care, there is already an urgent need for reform. This paper, however, will survey...


5 Dec 2006

In the heyday of the Kennett government in Victoria ‘Public Private Partnerships’ were promoted as the ‘debt free’ way to fund public infrastructure. Although the idea that the public can get ‘something for nothing’ through these partnerships has now been widely discredited, most Australian governments...


6 Nov 2006

Tristan Ewins wonders how an ALP government could afford to fund its 'nation building' programs if Kim Beazley's promised tax cuts for 'middle Australia' go ahead. Ewins proposes an alternative agenda for tax reform to fund an expansion of Australia's 'social wage'.

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