On 3 July 2017 CPA Australia released and named members of an Independent Review Panel (Review Panel) and an expert governance adviser. The Review Panel was asked to consider a range of claims that have tarnished the reputation of CPA Australia. The Review Panel has applied judgement on how this Review considers these claims, generally conducting a review of each of the main identified areas of concern to assist the cohesion of the report rather than addressing claims on a case-by-case basis. The Terms of Reference also provided for the Review Panel to examine CPA Australia’s Constitution, by-laws and policies, to assess whether the current governance framework and policies of CPA Australia align with best practice and member expectations, and to make recommendations for improvement.

The scope of this Review includes five topic streams and areas of activity at CPA Australia. These are: 

  • governance 
  • remuneration 
  • marketing strategy and expenditure 
  • strategy and performance of member services and engagement 
  • strategy and performance of CPA Advice.

This Preliminary Report provides findings and preliminary recommendations. The Review Panel was asked to provide a preliminary report by 15 September 2017 with the timing of the Final Report subject to the Review Panel (likely by December 2017).

It is the intention of the Independent Review in this report to provide an assessment of CPA Australia in the defined areas for the Review, with preliminary recommendations for moving forward. In some instances, information which has been provided to the Review Panel has not been disclosed in this report because it had not been otherwise publicly disclosed and was considered to be commercial-inconfidence and/or subject to third party contractual arrangements.

This Preliminary Report does not offer definitive conclusions to all of the matters listed above. Nevertheless, preliminary recommendations have been developed for findings that are indicative of the direction improvements should take. Final recommendations, including option analysis where relevant, will be set out in the Final Report.

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