A flourishing, accessible and high-quality general practice sector is vital to the health of Australia and its people.

General Practitioners are the first point of contact for most Australians seeking medical attention, with more than 85% of the population seeing a GP at least once each year.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), represents 90% of the country’s GPs. The RACGP is tasked with promoting and improving health wellbeing in Australia through providing support, education and training to GPs.

The RACGP is the country’s largest professional general practice organisation, representing in excess of 35,000 members, including more than 17,000 Fellows, who treat more than 21 million patients across Australia every year. This inaugural report, General Practice: Health of the Nation, draws on specifically commissioned research involving more than 1300 RACGP Fellows from all parts of Australia, as well as information from the MABEL (Medicine in Australia: Balancing Employment and Life) Survey and a range of government publications, to provide a unique overview of the general practice sector.

This report focuses on a range of key areas including:

• patient access to general practice

• the role of the general practitioner

• the general practice workforce

In addition to providing information at a point in time, in future years General Practice: Health of the Nation will track trends, highlighting changes across the general practice sector from both a patient and GP perspective.

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