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15 Jan 2014

This report summarises key findings from information describing the 12,005 victims of armed robbery reported to police in Australia during the 2009 and 2010 calendar years

Abstract: The Australian Institute of Criminology’s National Armed Robbery Monitoring Program (NARMP) has been recording and reporting...


7 Apr 2008

Details are presented on individual and organizational victims, offenders, the location and timing of incidents, weapon use, type of property stolen, the relationship between offender and victim and offender motivation. Findings show that the features of armed robbery have not changed significantly since reporting began...


6 Feb 2008

Carjacking literature is limited, and perceptions vary about the level of violence involved, diverse scenarios and the motivations of offenders. The media tends to over represent carjackings involving weapons and violence, although these are relatively rare incidents. This paper examines carjacking in Australia, the United...


3 Oct 2007

The ACT Department of Justice and Community Safety commissioned the Australian Institute of Criminology to undertake research in relation to sexual assault and related offences in the ACT. The objectives of this three-stage project were to: examine the feasibility of an integrated justice information system...


13 Jul 2006

In this annual report Maria Borzycki summarises information derived from the second year of the National Armed Robbery Monitoring Program in 2004. The less than 7000 reported cases of armed robbery victimisation in Australia for that year are examined in terms of the incident, the...

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