Property crowdfunding platform EstateBaron wants to make investing in real estate accessible to everyone

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It’s almost impossible to go a day in Sydney without having at least one conversation about property prices. The city is consumed with property prices, with news of record sales figures on our screens and in the newspapers almost every night. But even though we’re all talking about it, most of us can’t actually afford property – just 23.7 percent of Sydneysiders aged between 20 and 34 are expected to own their own homes in 2019, and the same is expected to happen in other cities around the country.

Founded by Moresh Kokane, Shuang Li, Luke Hindson, and Mark Winslade, Melbourne startup EstateBaron can’t solve this problem, but it can help people get a slice of the real estate pie through its crowdfunding platform. For a fee, EstateBaron allows developers and financial advisors to list real estate opportunities, in which an interested user can invest anything upwards of $2,000 into a trust to fund the development of a property. A listing will detail things such as expected returns, risk, length of development, and plans for the property post development.


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