The Swinburne national technology and society monitor 2008

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The Swinburne National Technology and Society Monitor (SNTSM) provides an annual 'snapshot' of public perceptions of new technologies, science and technological change. This annual telephone survey involves interviews with a representative sample of 1000 Australian adults from all states and territories. The main findings of the 2008 Monitor are:

* Australians are comfortable with the rate of technological change in general, but the degree of comfort varies for specific technologies.

* Australians are much more comfortable with having wind farms than with having nuclear power plants in Australia.

* Australians are moderately comfortable with the possibility of clean coal but less comfortable with the Government's proposed carbon emissions trading scheme.

* While the degree of comfort with genetically modified (GM) plants and animals for food is relatively low, Australians remain more comfortable with GM plants for food than with GM animals for food.

* Australians trust scientific institutions and the non-commercial media for information about new technologies. They have little trust in government institutions, major companies or the churches. They have the least trust in the commercial media.

* Australians report high levels of trust in medical doctors but lower levels of trust in mental health professionals.

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