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25 Feb 2019

This paper provides a comprehensive set of statistical tables regarding the 2016 Federal election held on 2 July 2016 and updates the Senate tables, previously published in the papers Federal election 2016 (initial results) and Federal election 2016—Reissue (showing the 2017 special counts in Western...


5 Jul 2018

This research paper contains a summary of the federal elections (House of Representatives and Senate) held from 1901 to the latest in 2016 and updates the Senate tables affected by the special counts of Senate votes in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania...


5 Mar 2018

This research paper updates an earlier Parliamentary Library publication and details the 151 by-elections for the House of Representatives held to date, including some of the factors involved in their being held. It also discusses relevant factors such as the timing of by-elections, the number...


31 Mar 2017


This Research paper updates the Parliamentary Library’s Federal Election Results 1901–2014 paper published in 2014. It contains a summary of the federal elections—House of Representatives and Senate—held from 1901 to the latest in 2016. Brief comments on each election are provided in...


25 Aug 2016

Executive summary

• The periodic redrawing of electoral boundaries is required by law to maintain electoral divisions of roughly equal enrolment size within a state or territory. Redrawing of boundaries is known as a redistribution.

• There are three provisions which may trigger...

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