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16 Oct 2018

The numbers in this report demonstrate the role played by public policy - especially social security, but also housing and employment policies - in increasing or reducing poverty. The evidence shows that through social security, housing and employment policies, as a nation, we choose the...


14 Sep 2018

This report looks behind the headline unemployment statistics to reveal who is affected, why it’s no easy matter for most unemployed people to secure a job, and the disturbing growth in long-term unemployment. It also look at the chances people on unemployment payments have of...


31 Jul 2018

This report is the first in a new five year partnership between the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) to reduce poverty and inequality in Australia.


11 Jun 2015

Tax reform can no longer be avoided. Tax reform is essential to help resolve the serious Budget pressures facing federal and state governments which threaten essential benefits and services. We need it to underpin growth - in investment, living standards and jobs - at a...


23 May 2015

Summary: The impacts of this Budget must be assessed in light of the previous Budget, which casts a long shadow.

While the 2015-16 Budget delivered welcome new investment in early childhood education and care and charted a fairer path on pension reform, the combined...

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