Energy Security Board (ESB)

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A new Energy Security Board (ESB), to be chaired by Dr Kerry Schott, has been established by the COAG Energy Council to coordinate the implementation of the reform blueprint produced by Australia's Chief Scientist.
The ESB will also provide whole of system oversight for energy security and reliability to drive better outcomes for consumers. The establishment of the ESB was agreed at the Energy Council meeting on 14 July 2017 and comprises an Independent Chair, Independent Deputy Chair and the heads of the Australian Energy Market Commission, Australian Energy Regulator and Australian Energy Market Operator.

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21 Sep 2018

The Energy Security Board (ESB) will report to ministers in December on implementing AEMO’s integrated system plan (ISP) on recommended transmission investments out to 2040.

Policy report

1 Aug 2018

The proposed final design of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) will require retailers to contract for generation or demand response to meet a minimum level of dispatchable ‘on demand’ electricity where there is an identified gap. Retailers must also keep their emissions below an agreed...


20 Apr 2018

The Energy Security Board presented this high-level design of the guarantee to the COAG Energy Council, following a two month consultation process and the review of more than 150 submissions received from a broad range of groups and individuals.

Discussion paper

15 Feb 2018

The first public consultation paper for the National Energy Guarantee has been released by the independent Energy Security Board. The guarantee’s intention is to deliver more reliable, affordable and cleaner energy to Australian consumers.

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17 Oct 2017

The Energy Security Board (ESB) has provided advice to ministers on reliability, affordability and meeting Australia's international commitments. This comes in response to the Australian Energy Market Operator’s recent report on the risks to reliability in the electricity market.

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