This report tells a story that will surprise many. They show a grave situation for people with barriers to work, despite one of the strongest periods of growth in full-time employment in Australia for some time. In our sample month of May 2017, there were 711,900 people who were unemployed, including 124,385 jobseekers who may not have qualifications or experience. But entry-level jobs (or ANZCO Level 5 jobs) comprised just 25,979 (15%) of the jobs advertised. In other words, up to five of these jobseekers are competing for each entry-level role across Australia.

The Snapshot includes a breakdown of State and Territory figures, and finds that there is no jurisdiction in the country where there is sufficient suitable jobs for the number of people looking for them. The situation is particularly dire in Tasmania, South Australia and West Australia.

In exploring these results, and the context of labour market conditions in which they sit, the report offers several clear findings:

- There are not enough entry-level positions for the people who need them

- People with significant barriers to work are not benefiting from the recent boom in full-time employment

- The growing casualisation of the workforce works against the ability of people with barriers to work to gain suitable and secure work

- The market cannot be relied upon to fix these problems without intervention

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