Manufacturing is undergoing a historic transformation across the industrialised world. Firms are creatively diversifying their focus across different stages of the manufacturing process, both before and after goods are produced. As production activities are gradually being outsourced to developing countries offering cheap labour, more Australian manufacturers are recognising the need to compete on value rather than cost. Most commonly, this involves contributing innovative products, components or services within global supply chains.

It is against this background that AMGC seeks to provide a more contemporary understanding of manufacturing in Australia and to clarify the definition of an ‘advanced manufacturer’. Building on the directions contained in AMGC’s Sector Competitiveness Plan, this will more accurately capture the sector’s overall role in Australia’s economy and form a credible basis for ongoing policy, regulatory and funding reform. AMGC is also keen to guide local firms seeking to reinvent themselves and seize new opportunities along the value chain. Every single manufacturer in Australia has the potential to be advanced.

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