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Briefing paper

1 May 2018

In this paper, election analyst Antony Green summarises the results of the 2015 election for 21 members to serve in the New South Wales Legislative Council.

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22 Apr 2016

The Queensland political landscape has changed drastically with the introduction of four new MPs and the reintroduction of compulsory preferential voting. The ABC's election analyst, Antony Green, says the changes are astonishing.


30 Jul 2015


In this paper, election analyst Antony Green provides detailed two-party and two-candidate preferred results by polling place for the 2015 New South Wales election. The publication is the latest in a series first published by the NSW Parliamentary Research Service after the...

Briefing paper

16 Jul 2015

In this paper, Antony Green provides an analysis of the results of the 2015 New South Wales election. Presented are summaries of the elections for both Houses, analysis of Legislative Assembly results both before and after the distribution of preferences, as well as a summary...


30 Aug 2014

This publication assesses the political impact of the new Victorian electoral boundaries, proclaimed on 17 October 2013. The new boundaries will be used for the first time at the 2014 state election.

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