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Persistent communal disadvantage in Australia
21 Jul 2015

This report shows that complex and entrenched disadvantage is experienced by a small but persistent number of locations in each state and territory across Australia.

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21 Jul 2015

The postcode you grew up in can say a lot about you.

Perhaps it might explain your accent or the school you went to.

But a national report released today by Jesuit Social Services and Catholic Social Services Australia, has found that your...


28 Feb 2011

This comprehensive report analyses current Australian and international trends in evidence-based prison policy in Australia and overseas. This includes a review of remand and its place within the criminal justice system. The report includes a statistical analysis of more than eleven thousand Victorian remandees incarcerated...


26 Oct 2010

A new report finds a kind of social chemistry that encourages success, writes Tony Vinson in Eureka Street

THE NEW Jesuit Social Services study Moving from the Edge is not a welfare tale of woe. It is a celebration of lives that have 'come...


14 Sep 2009

For some time now work participation statistics in Australia have confronted us with the apparent prolongation of the disadvantages experienced by some parents in the lives of their offspring.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS, 1994) data has indicated that young people whose parents are...

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