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10 Mar 2016

This report presents the findings of a 14 month exploratory study of Indigenous care leavers in Victoria. The study aimed to examine current leaving care and post-care systems available to Indigenous care leavers, paying particular attention to relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous agencies, and differences...


27 Apr 2009

This project aims to inform policy and service practice to promote positive and sustainable housing outcomes for young people ageing out of the state out-of-home care system.


24 Aug 2007

Young people leaving care are arguably one of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in society. Compared to most young people they face numerous barriers to accessing educational, employment and other developmental and transitional opportunities.

The Australian and international literature suggests that care leavers...


6 Oct 2004

Lockouts have resurfaced in Australia since the introduction of enterprise bargaining. In this working paper analyse the growth in lockouts, employers use of them, and Australian lockout law. To bring Australia into the international mainstream Australia's 'liberal' lockout law needs reform.

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