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19 May 2010

This transition program was designed to assist consumers from Secure Extended Care Units and Community Care Units who need a higher level of combined clinical and community treatment and support than is usually available to become reintegrated into the community.

Pilot programs in three...


17 Apr 2008

This plan outlines the methodology for the evaluation of the Integrated Rehabilitation and Recovery Care Project (IRRCP).

The evaluation will research the implementation, process and outcomes of the program. The objectives of the evaluation are to: • assess whether the appropriate consumers have been...


6 Mar 2008

The process evaluation reported here represents a subset of the National Evaluation of the SFCS and includes information from: demographic profiles; service mapping; service coordination survey and field work relating to partnership model and service coordination.


1 Jun 2006

Kristy Muir, Ann Dadich, David Abelló, Michael Bleasdale, Alan Morris and Karen Fisher present the summary findings of the second phase of a longitudinal evaluation of the Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative Stage One from May to October 2005. They find that outcomes continued to...


20 Oct 2005

Alan Morris and David Abelló report on the findings of a series of focus groups which aimed to explore what made people apply for the DSP, their capacities and aspirations for community participation, work and education and training, their perceptions of the information received and...

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