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18 Jun 2018

The promotion of human health was explicitly positioned as one of four goals in Sydney’s most recent metropolitan strategy: ‘A Plan for Growing Sydney’ (released December 2014). This is a first for metropolitan strategic planning in New South Wales. It presents a timely and unique...


17 Apr 2018

The NSW planning system has begun to recognise the importance of urban planning for health. These developments present a tremendous opportunity to influence how healthy public policy can be delivered for the benefit of the whole city.

Journal article

15 Jul 2016

Data on patient access to, and use of, primary and secondary care services are a potential tool for population health and health service planning, and for researchers.

The Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study was established to support research about healthy ageing. This paper...


29 Apr 2009

Residents of socioeconomically disadvantaged locations are more likely to have poor health than residents of socioeconomically advantaged locations and this has been comprehensively mapped in Australian cities.

These inequalities present a challenge for the public health workers based in or responsible for improving the...

Journal article

22 Feb 2006

In recent years, national and state/territory governments have undertaken an increasing number of initiatives to improve links between general practice and the rest of the primary health care sector. This paper reviews how far these initiatives have contributed to a well functioning and comprehensive primary...

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