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1 Jul 2017

Study Design: Retrospective medical record review to assess compliance with low back pain (LBP) care indicators.

Objective: To establish baseline estimates of the appropriateness of LBP care in the general Australian population provided by a range of healthcare providers in various real-world settings....

Journal article

1 Feb 2012

Introduction: In recent years in keeping with international best practice, clinical guidelines for common conditions have been developed, endorsed and disseminated by peak national and professional bodies. Yet evidence suggests that there remain considerable gaps between the care that is regarded as appropriate by...


24 Nov 2005

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme has developed a set of arrangements to control access to high-cost medicines, including tumour necrosis factor-alpha inhibitors (TNFIs) for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. In this article Christine Y. Lu, Jan Ritchie, Kenneth M. Williams and Richard O. Day explore basic...

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