Yvonne Underhill-Sem

Alternate Name
Yvonne Te Ruki‐Rangi‐O‐Tangaroa Underhill‐Sem

Associate Professor Yvonne Te Ruki-Rangi-O-Tangaroa Underhill-Sem teaches and researches in Development Studies at the University of Auckland and is the current Director of the New Zealand Institute of Pacific Research

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Journal article

30 Sep 2018

Much of the health research on climate change in the Pacific is dominated by the vulnerability of ecosystems and only recently have mental health impacts of climate change been recognised by public health experts. Although the research is still limited, it is projected that disruption...

Literature review

14 Mar 2017

This report provides a fresh understanding of the links between labour markets in Pacific counties and those in New Zealand and Australia.


10 Jan 2017

Active scholarly citizens bring intellectual agility that allows for creative, imaginative, and just development thinking and practice.

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