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There is a current focus in Australia on improving levels of family preservation and reducing the number of children entering out-of-home care (OOHC). However, national-level data regarding admissions to OOHC have been limited. This bulletin presents previously unpublished national trends in the number and rate of children admitted to OOHC by age and Indigenous status, from 2011–12 to 2015–16. It also explores key aspects of the OOHC experience during 2014–15 and 2015–16, for children admitted to OOHC in 2014–15 (excluding New South Wales). This may provide insights into the permanency planning process in Australia.

This bulletin includes national trends on children admitted to out-of-home care, and the out-of-home care experience for children admitted in 2014–15 (excluding New South Wales), including:

- Infants and Indigenous children are over-represented in admissions between 2011–12 and 2015–16.

- 55% of the children admitted during 2014–15 were still in out-of-home care at 30 June 2016.

- 61% of children discharged left within 6 months of their admission; 82% left within 12 months.

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