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Pranged: the real cost of optional vehicle insurance in Australia

3 Nov 2017

This paper explores the scale of problems arising from uninsured motorists on Australian roads by estimating a number of specific costs that can be linked directly to vehicle insurance being a choice rather than an obligation. The Brotherhood does not claim the costs are precise but produces them to help broaden the discussion about the merits of the current approach.

In this report the expressions ‘uninsured driver’ and ‘uninsured vehicle’ are used interchangeably. Readers may note the report avoids the specialised issue of vehicle insurance as it affects taxi drivers. This omission is deliberate. In the past few years the Federation of Community Legal Centres and the former Footscray Community Legal Centre (now known as WEstjustice) have exposed deficiencies in the way insurance protects taxi drivers. Reforms have been introduced as a result of their excellent work.

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