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27 Jan 2016

Another year, another crisis in traditional media. Most recently, it has been The Guardian announcing it needs to cut costs by 20%, as the revenues from online advertising cannot compensate for the losses of revenue from its print editions.

The situation with online advertising...


11 Nov 2015

This policy seeks to improve knowledge sharing across Australian emergency management organisations about the effective uses of social media for crisis communication. It suggests the establishment of a support framework that provides guidance and direction on methods to promote and maintain effective information flows, to...



11 Nov 2015

As the worst bushfires seen for generations in New South Wales raged across the Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and the Central Coast two years ago, people urgently needed fast, reliable information – and many turned to their phones to get it.

The NSW Rural...


30 Sep 2012

This paper will consider some of the wider contextual and policy questions arising out of four major public inquiries that took place in Australia over 2011–2012: the Convergence Review, the National Classification Scheme Review, the Independent Media Inquiry (Finkelstein Review) and the National...


22 Nov 2011

This report provides an overview of responses to the Classification Review Issues Paper using text analytics software.

To date the report covers Questions 1-3, 12, 16 and 24-25 of the Issues Paper. Analysis of the other questions will be added as it becomes available....

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