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Conference paper

16 Dec 2009

The current 'future of journalism' debates focus on the crossover (or lack thereof) of mainstream journalism practices and citizen journalism, the 'democratisation' of journalism, and the 'crisis in innovation' around the 'death of newspapers'. This paper analyses a cohort of 20 investigative journalists to understand...

Conference paper

16 Dec 2009

Social media platforms such as Twitter pose new challenges for decision-makers in an international crisis. We examine Twitter's role during Iran's 2009 election crisis using a comparative analysis of Twitter investors, US State Department diplomats, citizen activists and Iranian protestors and paramilitary forces. We code...

Conference paper

20 Nov 2008

Market events force journalists, policymakers and valuation analysts to make judgments on the basis of ambiguous and incomplete information. This paper explores why Chris Anderson, Scott Anthony and other strategists applaud Radiohead's In Rainbows (2007) and Nine Inch Nails' The Slip (2008) as two market...


6 Sep 2005

This report analyses the way the Internet might evolve from the perspective of its end-users. Trevor Barr, Alex Burns, Darren Sharp and contributors explore future possibilities for Australia in open source and social network technologies, eHealth, digital games, voice applications and mobiles.

They identify...

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