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22 Sep 2017

Urban living labs have emerged as transition arenas for undertaking process-oriented and reflexive experiments in the multi-stakeholder governance of sustainability. This paper evaluates Livewell Yarra, an urban living lab in Melbourne, Australia, that brought together academic researchers and community actors to engage in experiments for...


1 Jan 2014

Student Poster - Participants Annual Forum 2014, Darren Sharp - Size A2


31 Jan 2008

The sources of innovation are shifting rapidly from the traditional 20th century model of commercial R&D labs, elite universities, private companies and government agencies to user-led innovation. Today's users have much greater input into the creation and dissemination of the media, knowledge and culture they...

Conference paper

15 Oct 2007

This paper presents insights to emerge from recent Smart Internet Technology CRC research on user-led innovation. That research attempted to construct a synthesis of current user-led thinking and was informed by interviews with thought leaders and insights from the secondary literature. After a detailed exposition...


16 Mar 2007

This report provides analysis of Internet-based services like social networks, blogs, wikis and media-sharing platforms. It examines the significance of Web 2.0-related social tools and explores the impact of RSS feeds, mashups, Web services, social bookmarking and folksonomies in the context of broader trends in...

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