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A Sentencing Guidelines Council for Victoria: issues paper

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On 25 May 2017, the Victorian Government announced that it would introduce legislation in 2018 to establish a Sentencing Guidelines Council in Victoria. In July 2017, the Attorney-General asked the Sentencing Advisory Council to advise him on the most suitable model following broad stakeholder and community consultation.

This issues paper is designed to facilitate that consultation. It provides background information about sentencing guidelines councils in other jurisdictions, especially England and Wales, Scotland and New Zealand. It also discusses what the Sentencing Advisory Council believes are the key issues that will need to be addressed in establishing a Sentencing Guidelines Council in Victoria.

On some of these issues, the Sentencing Advisory Council has offered a preliminary proposal, based on the Sentencing Advisory Council’s initial research, along with preliminary consultations. These preliminary proposals are by no means set in stone and are very much live topics for discussion. They have been provided primarily as a means of giving consultees the opportunity to comment on a specific issue.

On other issues, the Sentencing Advisory Council has not offered a preliminary proposal, and instead invites stakeholders to submit their views.



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