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1 Dec 2008

The National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission commissioned the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare to undertake projections of Australian health care expenditure using the Institute's disease expenditure projection model. The report projects health and residential aged care expenditure for the period 2003 to 2033....


1 Feb 2008

This report, the fourth comprehensive analysis of expenditures on health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, examines expenditure in 2004–05 on health for Indigenous Australians and compares this with health expenditure for the rest of the Australian population. The report examines health resource distribution...


13 May 2004

This publication presents estimates of health expenditure on disease and injury in Australia in 2000-01, classified by disease or injury group, age and sex. The estimates are available by area of expenditure - hospitals, high-level residential aged care, medical services, other professional services, pharmaceuticals and...

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