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12 Mar 2008

The authors of this paper argue that the claim by the previous government that inflation fears were a reflection of a strong labour market are erroneous.

They estimate a new Phillips curve which shows how underemployment now influences price inflation.


1 Nov 2004

Bill Mitchell and Joan Muysken explore the evolution of economic theory from a construction of unemployment as a voluntary optimal state to the 1930s conception as a systemic failure (involuntary) to the resurgence in current times to a belief that all unemployment is voluntary....


1 Apr 2002

Using a stochastic job model, Riccardo Welters and Joan Muysken show that employers use employment status as a screening device to minimize hiring costs.

The implied exclusion of long-term unemployed in hiring decisions might lead to market failures. These market failures can be corrected...

Working paper

1 Mar 2002

This paper by William Mitchell and Joan Muysken compares the employment and unemployment experience of the Australian and Dutch economies over the last 25 years.

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