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2 Apr 2015

Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse Research Brief 18 considers how policy makers develop, implement and evaluate Indigenous justice programs and services. It scopes the growing body of evidence about implementation in Australia. Examples of key polices and strategies are considered, including: policing measures introduced under the Northern...


30 Jan 2013

Past critiques of the social sciences focused primarily on the identity of the researcher and his or her relationship with the ‘subject’ Indigenous person, but over time more sophisticated and practical approaches have emerged related to participantfocused methodologies and design. More specifically, past research involving...


24 Jan 2011

An overview of what is currently known about community policing in Australia.

Topics covered include:

Community Policing – the Australian connection The changing nature of communities: Implications for police and community policing A new movement in community policing? From community policing to vulnerable...


3 Dec 2008

Increasing demand for Australian seafood overseas and at home is driving both legal and illegal markets, heightening the need for sustainable harvesting and management. Though illegal activity in the Australian domestic fishing industry has long been thought to be small-scale and opportunistic, significant numbers are...


12 May 2008

The Australian aquaculture and fisheries industry is worth over $2 billion annually, and supports numerous communities across the country. This report presents the results of research, funded by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, that sought to investigate the extent of illegal...

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